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Andrew Norris


I have been working with Brandon on my romance novel for the past couple of months, and so far, they've been really good in terms of buildup, chemistry between the protagonists and other characters and ambiguity of the climax till the end of the chapters. Looking forward to getting it published as soon as it’s done with editing and proof reading. Cheers to Team Genesis!

Hilda griffith


I came across Genesis BookWriter while looking for editing and proofreading services online and was blown away by the sample that they provided. These guys handled my project with professionalism and delivered well before the projected time. Cheers to Bryan and his team for working effectively and efficiently.

Cora Adkins


I was referred to Genesis BookWriter by a colleague, and I couldn't be happier with the work that they provided. They made sure to gather an understanding of what I wanted and delivered beyond my expectations. Their team continuously kept me up-to-date with the process and readily answered all my queries, what else could I wish for!

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Our team of book editors and reviewers has garnered immense knowledge in various genres and has the skills and capabilities to transform your book into a work of art. An open communication channel ensures that our clients and editors are on the same page and all relevant changes and revisions are done in a manner that is the source of satisfaction for our clients.

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We appoint professional editors and reviewers who are experts in different genres to have a clear understating of the subject of your book. Our team uses directional plans as a means to achieve their targets while giving our clients timely updates. Personnel assistance guaranteed!

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