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The Social Media Marketing campaigns are equally crucial in asserting the dominance of your project, which is why our team makes sure that the best suitable marketing strategy for specific categories and genres is used to maximize marketable capability. Our Marketing Consultants help guide our clients in choosing the best possible marketing plan for their project that perfectly fits their target audience.

After finalizing your publishing requirements, the next step is choosing a marketing strategy that sits well with what you have created. It is our job to implement that strategy into a success story.

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Andrew Norris


I have been working with Brandon on my romance novel for the past couple of months, and so far, they've been really good in terms of buildup, chemistry between the protagonists and other characters and ambiguity of the climax till the end of the chapters. Looking forward to getting it published as soon as it’s done with editing and proof reading. Cheers to Team Genesis!

Hilda griffith


I came across Genesis BookWriter while looking for editing and proofreading services online and was blown away by the sample that they provided. These guys handled my project with professionalism and delivered well before the projected time. Cheers to Bryan and his team for working effectively and efficiently.

Cora Adkins


I was referred to Genesis BookWriter by a colleague, and I couldn't be happier with the work that they provided. They made sure to gather an understanding of what I wanted and delivered beyond my expectations. Their team continuously kept me up-to-date with the process and readily answered all my queries, what else could I wish for!

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